Professional illusionists Nique Tan and Danny Koh are the first ever and at present, Singapore’s only two-man illusionist duo on stage. What originally started in 2006 as the meeting of two wickedly twisted minds and casual jamming sessions rapidly snowballed over a year into a monster pair up which shook the local magic and entertainment scene in 2007.

The duo is better known as The C.O.N. or Children Of the Night-- a somewhat affectionate name originally bestowed upon them by fellow magicians and mentors who cannot help but notice their grueling all-night rehearsals and conception of new show ideas.

Featuring a combination of different artistic backgrounds and iconic achievements—one, the country’s top exponent of close up magic, the other, one of the most original fire artists in the region-- the duo represent a formidable force which continues to imbue the magic and entertainment scene with out-of-this-world effects and spectacles.