The first and only psychological stage thriller in Singapore

In the mid 1800s, Spiritualism became a popular belief system, headed by various Spiritualist Movements across America and the UK. In séances, Mediums would contact the dead and communicate with spirits, apparently bringing messages from beyond and manifesting these beings in some strange way. Some were proved to be frauds; as for the rest… well, nobody really knows.

After rigorously studying and training in the technical methods employed in olden day Mediumship, Danny and Nique have managed to recreate the classic “Spirit Cabinet Illusion”, as performed at the turn of the century. This traditional act is given a modern twist, allowing room for a livelier, artistic form of entertainment instead of a darker, spooky touch.  It is the FIRST AND ONLY entertainment of its kind performed in Singapore, and even arguably, Southeast Asia.

Some other acts you will witness in this mind and magic extravaganza include:

Rites of Magic
A high-energy opener involving a two-man magic act.

Razor roulette
A deadly Russian roulette styled game involving mind manipulation techniques and a shattered glass bottle.

Psychic Epsiodes
Inspired by highly controversial remote viewing abilities reported around the world, the entertainers attempt to read a spectator’s mind in a highly entertaining fashion.

Table Levitation
A metal table floats under the most impossible circumstances, right under the spectators’ noses. An audience is invited on stage to experience the mystery up-close and personal as well.