Magic by Danny Koh

Magic is powerful drama and the world its stage. When people really witness magic, they never forget it for the rest of their lives. Magic strips away logic, it confronts fears, and brings us to a place of constant wonder and enchantment.

A modern day Merlin, Danny smashes the “magician stereotype” by putting up his own cutting edge and original style of magical presentations.

With more than a thousand performances under his belt, Danny’s true strength lies in his experience and ability to connect with his audience at an extremely deep, emotional and personal level.

A true master of his craft, he cleverly shifts the limelight to his audience in every encounter by subtly orchestrating the impossible to happen in their very own hands.

If a picture paints a thousand words, Danny’s portrait of magic will leave you speechless.

“Danny is one of the truly great and inspiring performers of our time.  He possesses an amazing level of energy and experience in mobilizing his tools and art to engage and inspire his audiences, both young and old, at a deep emotional level. It is one thing to hear of a good entertainer or something magical, but to see with your own eyes a true master in action is indeed a very special experience.”

-- Shell Petroleum